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The Level Up Camps are founded by Europe's Elite which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to providing youth sports programming and resources that will address issues that negatively impact communities around the globe. Focusing on our pillars of success: Respect, Impact, Sacrifice, Education.

The Level Up Camp Series was founded in 2018 as a football summer camp through the organization Europe's Elite. Through the power of sports Level Up has the ability to uplift youth and communities.

Sport activities are a powerful catalyst with the ability to reach across all social, economic, geographic and ethnic dichotomies. By increasing access to quality sports programs and professional resources, we help instill in our youth principles of leadership, teamwork, healthy living and self-discipline.

Europe's Elite is a respected name and recognized authority in conducting multi-sports camps and combines around the Globe. 



2019 Wilson Level Up Summer Camp

2019 Europlayers East Regional Combine

June 16, 2019 in Bowie (Maryland) USA

2019 AFFL Flag Tournament

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2018 Wilson Level Up Summer Camp

Level Up Camp Coaches 2019

Aaron Seward
Alex Renner
Brian Casey
Brian Smith 
Christopher Pribyl
Darius Lewis
Donals Smith 
Devin Adkins
Gabrial Chambers
Ignacio Cordero
Jacob Templar
Jadrian Clark
Javier Carrasco
Kevin Mwamba
Luca Hofstadler
Magnus Alnesjo
Michael Hall 
Peter Melus
Tim Edmons
TJ Richardson

Level Up Camp Coaches 2018

Chris Wilson
Rip Scherer
Skyler Fulton
Caylin Hauptmann
Talib Wise
Michael Hall
Jonathan Eckmans
Magnus Alnesjo
Kevin Mwamba
Peter Melus
Lawrence Grugeon
Alexandra Osadebe
Zach Shaw
Allen Wilson
Brian Casey
Jeffrey Stephans
Quentin Williams


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